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All Enquiries call: +44 (0) 7897135776
Email: design@zapptaa.com

About Zapptaa New Media Design – Zapptaa originated from the name of:

Emiliano Zapata

Emiliano Zapata Salazar (Spanish pronunciation: [emi’ljano sa’pata]; 8 August 1879 – 10 April 1919) was a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution, which broke out in 1910, and which was initially directed against the president Porfirio Díaz. He formed and commanded an important revolutionary force, the Liberation Army of the South, during the Mexican Revolution. Followers of Zapata were known as Zapatistas.[1] He is a figure from the Mexican Revolution era who is still revered today.

So we added an extra p and and an extra a and you get Zapptaa – We find design is all about change and sometimes it revolutionizes to create something totally new and so we take this approach with all our design work for any business we design for to make a difference however big or small.

Zapptaa New Media Design was established in 2008. Me and my partner (Wendy Christmas) are a UK, Merseyside (Liverpool) new media agency. We produce designs for clients all over the world. We diversify our design skill set so we can offer you more than just a design service I have studied business and take on the principals of how we can improve your business through marketing and advertising and essential business branding. My partner has 10 years of management and marketing experience and helps to create projects and helps with research and development on every project. We are both artists and offer unique perspectives on each project to achieve our goals for the company.

About – Lee Adams

More information about Lee Adams:

I am more of a designer than a programmer although I have ago at coding to bring sites together via XML and PHP for specific design functionality. We are now working in the fields of WordPress CMS websites & E-commerce, F-commerce and M-commerce sites as well as social media branding. I am an International New Media Designer that works within the Merseyside area, I have over 15 years experience as a Designer, 3 years as a Print Director and 8 years as a Design Director. We have clients in Europe (Spain, Amsterdam), America (Memphis &Texas) and South Africa (Kwa Zula natal) and all over the UK. I recently spent 2 years in London re-branding 5 different companies. We can offer a specific hourly rate, or a set product rate or a specific special offer depending on your project or budget(please get in touch!).

We can help re-brand and consult with your business to produce a specific marketing or advertising product or service or branding strategy,we can also help with hosting and domain names as well as remote support we always offer additional support once a project has been completed.

I have also worked with clients such as Sony (Games Tester), T-Mobile, Nokia, Blackberry (Mobile Branding), Boots, RSPCA (Instore Animation, Advertising) Matalan (Print design) and Hoover. I have quiet a varied portfolio of work and tend to apply my work to any form of design project as long as there is a format to work to such as Vinyl Stickers/Banners, Video Ads in football stadiums, Product & Packaging design and other forms of print based content.. I m proficient in Flash, Photoshop, Premiere & CorelDraw.. (:))

Area Covered: Merseyside, Liverpool, UK & International
Lee Adams (Managing Director).

BTEC GNVQ 3 (Advanced) Business
BTEC Foundation in Art & Design
BTEC HNC Computer Aided Art & Design
BA (Hons) Mulitimedia Graphics Design

About – Wendy Christmas

More information about Wendy Christmas:

Wendy became my partner in Zapptaa New Media Design in 2010, Wendy is our Design Director, she comes from a wide range of experience and has a varied range of occupations. Starting off her career as a Potter, then owning her own gallery in South Africa before moving to the UK . She has studied at London collage in Oxford Street gaining in-depth experience into Web Design & Web development. She only started to use her skill sets once she joined Zapptaa New Media Design and continues to provide excellent support on a wide range of projects we undertake.

Since joining we have worked together on a wide scope of design and web development projects and continue she adds an extra perspective to each project we undertake. We enjoy taking on new projects and working together with the clients to develop the products & services, it is always rewarding to see the clients reactions with the end result. This is a great and vibrant company constantly developing. Evolving with the latest techniques and keeping up with the for front of design.

Area Covered: Merseyside, Liverpool, UK & International
Wendy Christmas (Design Director).

Diploma Webdesign & programming (Dip)

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