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What is Animation Design?

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of static images and/or objects to create an illusion of movement. The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods. This type of presentation is usually accomplished with a camera and a projector or a computer viewing screen which can rapidly cycle through images in a sequence. Animation can be made with either hand rendered art, computer generated imagery, or three-dimensional objects, e.g., puppets or clay figures, or a combination of techniques. The position of each object in any particular image relates to the position of that object in the previous and following images so that the objects each appear to fluidly move independently of one another. The viewing device displays these images in rapid succession, usually 24, 25, or 30 frames per second.

How can Animation Design help a business?


– Demonstrate how your product works without having to set it up or lug it about.

– Create an upmarket feel of the product or service and justify a premium price.

– Make a product or service more attractive, sexier and dynamic looking, and enhance its perceived value.

– Give a boring system a visual boost through exciting graphics and animation.

– Dramatize boring information and data.

– Make anything look cutting edge and state of the art.

– Create something that can never be achieved through live shots.

What types of Animation Design are there?

Different Types Of Animation

Entertainment comes from the creative, smart people that will be displayed through various forms of media. Let’s take a look at the types of animation…

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, The Simpsons – those cartoons are popular drawings by children and adults. All these cartoon characters are the creation of wonderful art of animation that fascinates the eye and make our childhood full of fun. How are these cartoons on television or the Internet? Come see…

Basic animation is a key-frame, easy and simple. The animation is a presentation of various views and movements, which adds life to your website or a movie. Internet users tend to be fond of browsing a Web site that is well equipped with good graphics. A web designer can not design the site without the implementation of the basic animation, due to its advantages in the marketplace on the Internet.

In simple terms, the basic animation is the illusion of different movements linked together in an appropriate way for visitors / viewers get to see the effect of a well coordinated set of actions.

In general, the art is beautiful animation created with the Java language. For example: If you want to show a bouncing ball, you have to take the ball from different positions in different shapes, or “pictures” as they are called. In the first picture, you can see the ball on the floor in the second frame, the ball slightly above ground level, the third shows the ball 2 to 3 feet above the ground, the fourth one will come a little ball and so on until finally the ball is on the ground. These drawings are made with the aid of scanning equipment, software, matching sound effects, time management and taken pictures with a camera. In the final result, you will find a similar animation to live action for a child to bounce the ball up and down on the ground.

Three basic types of Animation

The basic types of animation are the main sign of animation effect. The three basic types are cell animation, stop motion, and computer animation.

Cell Animation

Cell animation refers to the traditional way of animating a series of hand drawings. In the process of animation, different images are created, which is slightly different, but the progressive nature that illustrate certain actions. Trace the designs on a transparent sheet. This transparent sheet is known as the cell and is a way of stretching. Now, draw the outlines for photos and the colors on the back of CELL. The CELL is an effective technique that saves time by combining shapes and origins. You can also define the previous drawings on other backgrounds or cells when needed. Here you do not have the same picture again, because it has the ability to save previous animations that can be used when necessary. Coloring and a background can be a task more difficult than a single drawing, as it covers the entire image. Context requires light and shadow and will be seen in a long time. Then use your camera to photograph these drawings.

Stop Animation

Stop motion animation is a technique to make objects move on their own. Here, some images are drawn in different positions and photographed separately. Puppetry is one of a kind commonly used image animation of the image. Some famous movies that are animated by the effects of King Kong stop motion is the dinosaur and the missing link, The Curse of the vegetables and and The Lost World.

Computer Animation

Computer animation is the latest animation techniques including 2D and 3D animation. These activities not only improve the design of the characters, but also make it seem real in relation to the above activities.

2D Animation: Used by PowerPoint and Flash animations. Although its features are similar to cell animation, 2D animation has became popular because of the simple application drawings scanned into the computer as an animated film.

3D Animation: It is used in the film, where we need unusual objects or characters that are not easy to display. Using 3D animations to create a group of people in a disaster like earthquake, flood or war. There are different forms of aid of mathematical codes, the display of actions and colors that are striking if it is copied from an actual photo.

The above three basic types of animation have brought a new era of extraordinary technology of the Internet (web-site design and graphics), film and media. In addition, the animation is one of the most popular Internet marketing strategies that will keep visitors on your site longer.

Today, the cell animation is made more attractive by using drawings, along with the music, sound effects matching and the association of time of each effect. What, for example, cartoon, 10-12 frames per second are played in rapid succession, giving representation of cell animation movement.

What sort of animation design does Zapptaa do:

We can design your business in-store window TV adverts, Kiosk Ads, Online Banner and Micro Adverts, Video Adverts, Event Stings, Youtube Virals Instruction Videos, Powerpoint Flash/Video Animations.






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