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What is Social Media Design?

Social Media is a platform that you can connect with other individuals on websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Breaking it down into what the word say “Social” means to interact with other people, to share and respond to information.

“Media” means to communication via an instrument, the Internet, radio, newspapers are all forms of communication, the Internet is used when one refers to “Social Media”.

How can Social Media help a business?

Social Media is a new way for a business to interact with it’s customers and build new relationships with new customers. Allowing customers to be able to ask questions about your services and to see what services you have to offer.

It is an immediate, interactive, responsive and highly powerful.

The traditional media does not always allow a two way dialogue and that is why offering social media service allows customers to communicate with a business. If your business relies on lasting customer relationships and repeat business then social media is a great way to build, maintain relationships with people and customers.

In today’s age where nearly every person has a smart phone with app’s. Social Media creates a quick way of one to one connectivity with businesses and clients.

If you are looking to increase your return of investment (ROI) social media is far more quicker and cheaper way to get your business promoted, most of the applications are free to use and even if you want to buy software it is a lot cheaper than the traditional ways of marketing.

Social media can help you understand what the public are looking for and what products are hot in demand, it can be used to ask customers what their opinion of services is as well as help you to fine tune your services. Social media is also a great way to let your customers know what offers, promotions or discount you have available and a great way for people to share your services.Think of it as a digital word of mouth.

People now days expect most businesses to have a presence on social media and if you are not then you are considered out dated. Using social media is a great way of promoting your brand across all platforms to get your brand noticed as an innovative and dynamic brand.

Social media is also a great way to generate traffic to your website and create a following. Social media can be assumed as a waist of time but if the social media is generating new customers and more publicity then it is time well spent and good money earned.

What types of social media platforms are there and what are they used for?


Everyone uses Facebook all types of online content, events and ads. Once or twice a day is a great way to get your business noticed. Facebook offers advertising or paying to promote your page on Facebook, but don’t make your brands Facebook page itself look like an advertisement, rather your brand image. To inspire conversations and shares, engage with the customers by asking questions or opinions. Allowing people from all over the world to interact and express there opinions on a topic.

Facebook is at it’s peak out side of work hours. It can be easy way to track your content by date and time to hone in on the best times for engaging with your audience.

The best tools for Facebook are shorten down long url link with Bitly. Bitly offers stats on clicks generated from that specific link, making it helpful to see how much traffic is brought directly from sharing to Facebook.

Twitter :

Everyone should use twitter from individual to multinational corporations. Sign up, follow people and businesses of interest. How often should you post, multiple time throughout the day.

Twitter is the dominant democracy of the social sharing economy. Relevancy, personality and brevity are the keys to making your voice heard.

Useful tools to use are Buffer, this lets you stockpile and schedule content in advance, so that you can post around the clock. This will allow you to get more followers from around the globe.Twitter is a great way to get your business out there, the only question is when do you want to be part of it?


What sort of businesses should use it, those who are involved in lifestyle ,food, fashion, personalities and luxury brands.

How often is good to post, most people post something once to twice a day.
When is the best time to catch the audience, most of the best times to catch the audience is when people are commuting to and from work, on the weekends and at night.

Hashtags #hashtags #yourbrand #yourproduct #yourservices are a great way to get your business noticed. You can post things like images, videos up to 15 seconds.

Use integrating sharing functions for Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to re-purpose your Instagram posts for more shareable media. Include a relevant hashtag to become more discover-able on Instagram and to track across platforms for sharing your content.

How can Zapptaa New Media Design help you with Social Media?

We can help set up or guide you in setting up an account and brand your social media accounts so that they flow with your brand. We can also help create adverts, videos promotion material, Qr codes and any other media material your business may require.

For more info please use our form on the side to get in touch with us.



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