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What is a Website?

A website is digital document, a computer file, that is typically viewed using a web browser program. In the interconnected network of document and web sites which we call the World Wide Web (www), the linking is actually between web pages and, hence, I like to consider them as building blocks of the web.

Web pages are created using HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language),HTML is not an actual language perse. Rather it consists of tags that specify the purpose of what they enclose.It uses codes that tell the internet to display the information in a specific way, like paragraphs and colours, where to place images and text.This enables companies and individuals a way of getting there work and services displayed to bigger areas than they would normally be able to.

How does having a website help your business?

In this day and age everybody is using the internet to find different services and products. People have less time and more information available to them through using the internet.

Should an individual need to see a dentist, buy a present without leaving work or book a holiday, the internet is where they turn. It provides all services at there finger tips without them having to leave there work desk.

Most people & businesses have a website weather it just holds basic information of what services or products they provide, to site where you can buy, book or order something. So in 2013 to keep up with competitive businesses or individuals you need to have your information displayed on the internet in order to get more business & trade.

We offer a wide spectrum of services and can help you mold a site to reflect your website as the business model you wish people to perceive your identity.

How could my business benefit from having a website?

A website enables a business or individual to control its identity,through branding and the information it provides about what it does and how it offers it’s services or products.It is also a cheaper way of advertising than the traditional way.

Having a website provides a convenient way for customers to locate you and see what you provide.Websites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. People can book appointments, buy products, find information, like your opening hours and contact details. It can also be used by seeing how credible your services and products are and when you have a sale on.

Promoting/advertising/marketing your website?

Most businesses spend a large percentage of their profits on promoting their business online and offline to their customers. However, many of these businesses are missing out on the full benefit of their marketing activities because they are not integrating the offline activities with their online presence.

Integration is very important because you will be missing out on many potential customers if the online and offline aren’t working together. For example, if a prospect comes across an advertisement for your business without your website address in it, they won’t be able to access further information and will go to another business.

Also, customers can become very confused if there is not obvious relationship between what they see on your website and what is in your brochures or newspaper ads. To ensure you are getting the most value for money out of all your marketing, follow the tips below to get your online and offline marketing working together.

There are several really easy ways to integrate online and offline marketing of your business:

– Match the look and feel
– Use the same slogans and messages
– Put your website address on everything
– Use the keywords that appear in your offline ads
– Link landing pages to your ads

Successful marketing is all about consistency, so take these steps to get your online and offline marketing working together. These strategies will give you a stronger brand and more leads and sales from your marketing. We use WordPress which is an open source web design platform we can customize WordPress themes to your business branding.

WordPress is open-source web-based application that provides a convenient way for creating, publishing and managing content over the Internet. WordPress, mainly as a blogging platform at first, but increases the software, it is widely used in building and maintaining websites.
Why do we use WordPress for a website design.

WordPress has many advantages:

• Open Source (free)
• Easy to use, ideal for beginners and not very technically minded
• Built in easy to use WYSIWYG editor. Hundreds of free professional templates
• Templates are easily customized
• Content and Layout are completely separated
• Content and structure are completely separated
• Creating and managing content with a Web browser
• Skin and easy to change.
• It is easy for additional functions such as voting, contact forms, site plans, using plug-ins.
• With PHP and MySQL, which are supported by almost all web hosts.

There are many reasons why WordPress sites are so popular

1) For years and till now WordPress remains the cheapest solution to have a website built. It’s widely used by developers and web companies to create satellite websites (like the network of Template Monster websites devoted to different template categories) as well as by spammers (though as a rule they use free hosting or host at wordpress org). The system is free and there are lots of professional themes available online.
2) WordPress Site development is the fastest way to build an online presence for your business.
3) You can manage your website in a convenient way on your own, without paying an hourly fee for the developer to make updates.
4) WordPress SEO friendly system by default (although of course there are improvements that can be done). Google loves WordPress blogs.
5) You can always \ change “to return. No additional cost and no special settings.
6) WordPress possibilities are endless. There are thousands of free plugins and you don’t need any special skills, most of them use.

To create a WordPress site, we have to follow several steps:
1. Registering Hosting and domain name.
2. Downloading the WordPress.
3. Adding your information.
4. Uploading files to your server.
5. Installing the WordPress.
6. Choosing the design theme.
7. Accessing your blog admin area.
8. Setting your theme and updating general settings.


1. A WordPress blog is extremely flexible and can be made to run everything from an eCommerce store to a video-focused tumblog.
2. Free. The only expenses associated with running a WordPress blog are server and domain costs.
3. WordPress is more than a decade old and has gone through countless updates.
4. WordPress has hundreds of thousands of plugins, courtesy of its vibrant open-source developer community.
5. A huge theme library means you can customize your blog’s appearance to your heart’s content.

We create custom content for each theme such as image galleries. videos, text, graphs and charts, sound.

The client can provide images of the products or services they provide. However if you do not have any images we will be happy to supply a range of images of which can be sourced or purchased at additional cost by the client. If a client is local we also offer an additional service of photographing products.

Video’s can be created from images with sound, filmed or animated to promote certain products or services. Fee’s apply to creation of all video content.

We will ask all clients to set out how many pages they would like in there site and ask them to write a outline of each area. We would ask that all text be proof read and spell check by the client. We do not spell check or proof read. Should the client need these services we are happy to refer to a professional proof reading service?

Graphs & Charts:
We are happy to help create charts, graphs or pdf’s, we would just require all information set from the start with specific outline of how all data should be displayed. Creation of additional content is a minimal additional fee.

Is provided by the client, we do not offer a sound creation service, however we are happy to refer to a professional sound technician.

We can create custom icons and vector symbols.

We offer a service where we create custom icons & vector symbols to keep the brand of all products & services consistent.

We can help teach you how to use the CMS WordPress backend to your site.

Once your site is fully functional we offer a service where we can show you how how to manage your site and update content, to keep your site currant. This can be done in person, over skype or through training video’s. This service is offered at additional rate.

We can add additional seo and security features to your new site.

We can add additional SEO to each page of your site, this will help your site to be more searchable. Adding more traffic to your site depends on how many people go to your site and how you market your business brand. Some people spend it bit more and get an online marketing campaign put into place by creating online banner ads, advertising in press or print, email marketing campaigns & using social networking sites, these are just a few things you can do. We offer all the above services, what we need to know is what is your target market and how far you would like to go with your marketing campaign. We will ensure that all material will be consistent with the brand model and market it accordingly. Setting up sale emails & newsletters from your website can help keep your existing customers coming back for more. We can create this as well, prices are available on our prices List. Online banner & Micro ads- these can be created an then you can purchase space on sites to host the banner ads, which will help lead the customers to your site by clicking on it & seeing the information displayed on the banner & micro ads.

Print Advertising:

We can help create adverts for magazines, flyers, Billboards, Vinyl car sticker ads, signage etc. Social Networking: We can create profiles on each site , there are also some additional things we can create on certain sites like Facebook. Like linking your shop and new products on your profile page. Video’s can be created to show specific ranges of products or services. There are even FBML pages that can be created within Facebook to hold a small site within Facebook. Linkedin, Twitter, are just a few sites we can help you establish your company brand on. See price List.


We will set up precautionary measures to ensure that the site is secure, if you are looking to create a shop online we will insist that when you purchase your domain you purchase a SSL Certificate to ensure it encrypts the customer’s details, the SSL will give your customers the assure that there shopping on a safe site. We will advise on anything that should not be changed to help keep your site

We can provide hosting and domain search and purchasing.

We offer assistance with Domain searching and purchasing.
Our hosting packages are competitive; we can assist in setting up and process of purchasing the hosting.

We can produce a responsive site that can be viewed on different browsers.

A Responsive site is a site that can be viewed on a variety of platforms, from your phone to a tablet to the computer. On various browsers from Mazilla firefox, Safari, Chrome to a wide range of other browsers, we use the latest HTML & CSS in our development of websites.
We work with the latest open source platforms wordpress and opencart.

We can create a custom logo for the site and watermarks for images, videos.







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